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photoblog image Low B&W 2

Low B&W 2

Second attempt at Lows B&W portrait. Which do you prefer? yesterdays or todays.

I appreciate all the feedback and suggestions....even Subys :)

Low B&W 2

Second attempt at Lows B&W portrait. Which do you prefer? yesterdays or todays.

I appreciate all the feedback and suggestions....even Subys :)

comments (30)

  • Ali
  • Great Britain (UK)
  • 30 Aug 2006, 00:01
Gaddddang.. I like the almost sultry look.. Looks like a flirter!
E Etomi: You didnt know?
  • atunbi
  • Great Britain (UK)
  • 30 Aug 2006, 00:07
etomi etomi, u know i follow ya work but I feel ya black and white still needs a bit more drama, this might be from the conversion.
E Etomi: Thanks for the feedback Atunbi, I'm working on it
  • deji77
  • United Kingdom
  • 30 Aug 2006, 00:49
I prefer this to yesterday's shot.
Just improve the sharpness.
E Etomi: Thanks Deji, I will
etomi, yesterdays shot was better interms of b/w conversion.

But I feel you are chosing the wrong type of picture to convert into b/w...not every pic suits this purpose and I feel that todays and yesterdays should STAY in colour only. A good guide is to see how many distinct shades of gray you can get...the more the better.

Tomorrow I will post a picture to illustrate this... have a wonderful day smile
E Etomi: Thanks Skee, I promised a b&w picture hence the conversion but I understand what u mean
LMAO! @ Subys!!!

Interesting shot....Not sure this is a black and white or a desaturated image.
E Etomi: Lol! I added a sepia tone to it. Maybe I shouldn't have, but I wanted the tone to be a bit warmer.
I preffer to yesterday post. I think this one a little bit lost of focus.
E Etomi: Too much blur perhaps but I liked the softness. Thanks

I prefer the previous picture.
E Etomi: Thanks Tony
  • Laurie
  • United States
  • 30 Aug 2006, 03:26
I prefer yesterdays (except for the background) although this one is nice.

Have you tried the gradient map conversion plus channel mixer (monochrome) after gradient map in layers?

Open the image, create new layer, pick gradient map from the layers pallette, click ok. Then if it still needs some tweaking, create new layer pick channel mixer from the layers pallette select monochrome. Lower the red channel to say 75% (although that is just a guide) then set the constant to 4-6 (sometimes I leave it alone) then adjust the green and blue channels until you get the depth you like. Play around with it until you like what you see.
E Etomi: I actually used the channel mixer, maybe i need to play around with it a bit more. I'll try the gradiet map too, thanks Laurie
  • Low
  • United States
  • 30 Aug 2006, 04:20
Emmm baby....I prefer THIS Black Blue Grey Pink..whatever....i love both but i gotta choose one...The extra drama is secondary!! Love ya!
E Etomi: I guess thats all that matters..that u like it cos it for you! smile
Hey Eminem, you're 100 today, welldone. B&W can't give you any suggestions really. I'm still struggling to understand it. You can look at the work of a few shutterchancers; SJAY, SKEE and INYE.
E Etomi: I'll do that. Thanks
  • Adura
  • London
  • 30 Aug 2006, 09:05
Nice again smile This one is nicer but I think I understand what someone said about the sharpness...
E Etomi: Thanks Dury.
  • Barbara
  • Great Britain (UK)
  • 30 Aug 2006, 09:34
Haba! Low is fast becoming your muse!
Yesterday's was much better..sharper, better for a B&W conversion + she had a good cheeky smile which made it stand out a lot more.
E Etomi: Shes a lovely muse though. Thanks Barbara
  • Mona
  • Great Britain (UK)
  • 30 Aug 2006, 09:57
this lola is really pretty oh..

hmm maybe ill get a free P&R skirt for that "big-up" heheh tongue

kidding, nice shot taurean...her skin looks nice n love the angle stuvvs xxx

E Etomi: U may just get one lol. Thanks Mona
  • Suby
  • Milton Keynes, Great Britain (UK)
  • 30 Aug 2006, 10:50
Maybe it's me, but I definitely prefer this shot to yesterdays shot. A looooot better to my untrained eyes. grin

I think you have done a good job on this shot, dod uou add G blur and a slight sepia tone? To me ths works for me, You may have to work on your conversions a tiny weeny bit more, but if you can produce goods like these, you definitely ahead of the game.

Eeeeecccckkkk, just read your comments "...even Subys" Did I miss something?
E Etomi: He hee, just playing witcha. I added a sepia filter, don't know why, I get carried away with the PPing, I kind like the effect though.
  • Diya
  • Switzerland
  • 30 Aug 2006, 10:52
it is a nice portrait, i prefer the yesterdays shot though
E Etomi: Thanks Diya
  • Low
  • United States
  • 30 Aug 2006, 12:06
Mona...Free P&R on its way to u..Infact 2! smile Thanks sweetie
I prefer this shot...even tho I luved the poutiness of yesyerday's shot....this one is very mischevious...there is just something bout it...yes...lola is very pretty and photogenic...i shall be expecting my own p&r dress and skirt in the
  • Folake
  • Great Britain (UK)
  • 30 Aug 2006, 13:36
This is so much better than yesterdays in my opinion (job well done on both though) but this is more expressive, a little less posed so a bit more personality to this. Also like that the edge was taken off the harshness
very seems that she go out of the dark
  • marc
  • South Africa
  • 30 Aug 2006, 14:01
nice pic, picture was as is or any PP to get the light/shadow effect?
  • Ismael
  • Argentina
  • 30 Aug 2006, 14:22
Hello Etomi, very good picture. Impressive the expression of the glance. Greetings
My English is not very good
  • Tunde
  • The Swamp, Nigeria
  • 30 Aug 2006, 15:04
My English no toooo good either, but today preferred to yesterday own. Low, my heart don begin make gbimgbim like railway when I see ur pics. If u go gree marry a lowly Swamp Thing then make I know so I fit contact my mama. We fit make this Etomi chick the official wedding photographer as long as she no sell pics to HELLO mag.

Etomi, getting impressed more each day. So what did ur mom say? ;-)
  • Adura
  • London
  • 30 Aug 2006, 16:15
Eni! I came back and looked at this pic and yesterday's. I'm fancying her sef... hahaha!

I must must have a pic when I come and I want it framed and all... LOL!!!
  • chunter
  • Salisbury, Wiltshire. UK
  • 30 Aug 2006, 17:20
Now this is exactly what I meant when I made my comment on yesterday's post, so I have to say I prefer this one, don't I? Even if I hadn't commented, I would still prefer this one.

You've used a different shot and she really looks like a mischievous minx here; a very pretty one at that. I guess you've concentrated more on the technique though and forgotten to crop the excess background to left and right. I'd crop this one almost square, but I love how the pockets of smooth skin emerge from the background. The longer I look at this, the more sensuous she's becoming! I have to go now!!!
  • Sinem
  • United Kingdom
  • 30 Aug 2006, 22:57
People should just stop talking nonsense about not feeling today's shot. smile I'm feeling it, liking it and all that. I do agree that you might have to practise the b&w conversion a bit more or check out different methods for different shots. But on the whole, I do like this shot. And I actually dig the sepia experiment - I may have chosen a different tone though.
E Etomi: Thanks Sinem
  • Manuel
  • Great Britain (UK)
  • 31 Aug 2006, 08:54
Now this is better..N' she is a very pretty Lady.
  • Meme
  • Great Britain (UK)
  • 31 Aug 2006, 18:53
Lovely image....needs to be sharper though.
  • Abi
  • United Kingdom
  • 4 Sep 2006, 02:44
simple,yet effective....
  • Luminus
  • Nigeria
  • 28 Sep 2006, 13:51
Dang girl, you sure do have a lot of pretty friends. *Bright Idea* Start a match-making service, lol. Seeing as you're a procurement specialist, maybe you can procure me one of them hotties, where do I send the Requisition Form. wink
  • Miss E
  • London
  • 6 Nov 2006, 14:10
OOOOHH! Look how hot this lady looks! Nice...

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